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 Howard Community Club

5645  Forsyth  Road   Macon, GA 31210

Thurs | March 5th 


Preview Night 

See Details Below

Public Shopping


Fri | March 6th


Sat | March 7th


Public Shopping


-Thursday -

Preview night shopping schedule: 

We close at 9:00pm

4:00 PM 


[ 3 Hour Shift  ]


Volunteer one shift - select the hours and

day(s) that fit your schedule!

One shift = 3 hours.


Volunteering is easy and fun!

Click the link below for more details and registration: 

4:00 PM 


Does your child attend a preschool, school, daycare, ballet class, etc with

other little ones?


Help us spread the word by passing out/laying out/stuffing bags with flyers. You'll be rewarded by shopping early on Preview Night! 

To become a promoter, please contact us 

at least 2 weeks prior to shopping.

4:00 PM 

Ticket Entry

Did you know, half of our sales occur on Preview Night? Don't miss out on the best selection. 


For $25 you can shop BEFORE New Moms and Grandmas, and before public shopping on Friday!

 Simply bring cash to pay upon entry.

5:00 PM

First time moms

If you're expecting / awaiting adoption of your first child


your first child is under 12 months -


Registration Required. 

7:00 PM 


[shop with "nana" ] 

Come shop for the grandkids!

No registration required.


Moms, bring "Nana" with you and you can  BOTH shop for your kids clothing together!


Nana is your ticket in the door.