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Consign With DCS

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Clean out the closets

feel accomplished.
Consignors receive 
of selling price.
[ $12 consignor fee deducted }
Earnings sent 
 quick and easy! 


Shop early

preview night pass
very best selection

Earn Money

Consign your children's clothing with our online system.


You'll receive a shopping pass for preview night!

Minimum items required: 10. 


You receive 70% of sales. $12 consignor fee will deducted from earnings.

Do It Yourself:

Tagging Service:

Consign your clothing without the work. Let us do everything and earn money the easy way!


You'll receive a shopping pass for preview night.

Minimum items required: 10. 


You receive 50% of sales. Consignor fee will be deducted from earnings.

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