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Marietta  Consignors

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Consignor PORTAL:

FALL 2024

Classic Consignors Drop-Offs:
Early local drop-offs are available in Kennesaw / Marietta. See
 all options in the consignor portal! 

On site:
(The Banquet Hall @ The Governors Gun Club - 1005 Cobb Pl Blvd NW)
Monday, Aug 26th 9:00am-12:00pm, OR 6:00pm-8:00pm

Tagging Service Consignors Drop-Offs:
View drop-off options in the consignor portal. 
Simply select a drop-off that says "Tagging Service" in the description. 
Your items will sell in Marietta and Macon.

Sign up for your preferred drop-off in the consignor portal.

Pick Up Unsold Items
(Classic AND Tagging Service Consignors):
 Friday, August 30th  8:30am-11:00am @ The Governors Gun Club. 

Limited spots available for pickup near the West Cobb Avenues over the  weekend and following week for small amounts.
Email request to:  



Please review our  B R A N D S  page for brands that we do and do not accept. We sell children's clothing and shoes only.
Minimum number of items required: 10 (excludes shoes).

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Plastic hangers only, please! Hang clean, wrinkle-free clothing on hangers with hanger facing left like a question mark. Make sure to button buttons, snap snaps, zip zippers, and tie all the bows. Remember, presentation sells! If you have a two piece item, make sure both pieces are secure on your hanger.

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Register to

R E G I S T E R   H E R E   Once you have registered and received your seller number, you will be able to input your items, print your tags, and sign-up for a drop-off. 

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Create tags H E RE. Fill out all tag information including whether or not you would like your items discounted 30% on the last day, and if unsold items should be donated.


Be sure to use traditional sizes on your tags (3m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 18m, 2T, etc). If the size is a range (6-9m), use the smaller category. If the size is in an unconventional form (S, M, L) please use your judgment and enter a numerical size. 

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Make sure to print your tags on white cardstock. It's important to use white - we use colored tags for items going to the next location. Your items will get mixed in and wont be available for pickup if they are on colored paper. Please do not use regular copy paper, these tags will tear and fall off during the show.  
Attach the tag with a safety pin to the upper right hand corner. *For delicate items you may pin under the right arm hole OR to the tag in the collar (make sure the tag is visible on the outside).

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a drop-off

Do not forget to schedule a drop-off time. Options may include local drop-offs in multiple cities prior to the show. View options here. 


At drop-off we appreciate your help racking your items. This allows the process to run smoothly and quickly.  Having your items sorted by gender and size will save you time.

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Thanks! Message sent.

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