The Consignor Agreement:
You will receive 70% of your asking price, with the remaining 30% going to Divine Children’s Show. There is an $12 registration fee that will be deducted from your check. Checks are mailed within two weeks of the close of show.

Preview Pass:
If you consign at least 10 items, you will be given a PREVIEW PASS for shopping on opening day.  Consignors are not required to volunteer for a shift. However, if you decide to volunteer AND consign you will be given an earlier PREVIEW PASS.

What to Sell:
Clean out those closets! We accept children’s high-end boutique clothing, shoes and women’s handbags.  We also accept a broader range of clothing for older boys.  Review our brands page to see some of the brands that we do and do not accept. We only accept Fall/Winter clothes in the Fall and Spring/Summer in the Spring.

Price competitively.  You are doing all the work to get your items ready, and you want them to sell!  Retailers are constantly discounting their items, so it is a competitive market.  As you set the price for all your items, use your “shopper savvy” to help you. Ask yourself what you would be willing to pay for each item.  We have found that gently used clothing can sell for 25% to 35% of its original retail price, but brand new or nearly new items might be able to sell for 35% to 45% of the original retail price.  If in doubt, go a bit lower.  You will also have the option of marking some or all of your clothing at a discount for the final day of the sale.

You can donate your remaining items at the end of the show.  If you choose to donate your unsold items, please check the “check to donate” box when you are inventorying your items online.  All unsold items will need to be picked up within the scheduled time frame at the end of the sale, or they will be automatically donated. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Both the Atlanta and Raleigh Shows will accept shipped consignors. If you are interested in this, please either email Raleigh at or Atlanta at .


  1. Register:  Click on the page of the show where you would like to consign. At the bottom of the page you will find a link to register as a consignor. Once you have registered and received your seller number, you will be able to input your items, print your tags, and sign-up for a drop-off appointment.

  2. Brands Accepted and Not Accepted:  Please review our BRANDS PAGE for brands that we do and do not carry.  This is just a partial list, meant to give you an idea of what our show is all about.  Email with questions.

  3. Prepare Items:  Place clean, pressed clothing on hangers with the open mouth facing left like a question mark. Make sure that you button all the buttons, snap all the snaps, zip all the zippers, and tie all the bows. Just remember PRESENTATION SELLS!  If you have a two piece item, pin it together or pin the pants to the hanger.  If you have an item that falls of the hanger easily, please pin it to the hanger.  Your item will not sell if it is on the floor.

  4. Returning Consignors:  Mark clothes from previous sales as ACTIVE or INACTIVE according to the season.

  5. Input Items:  Go to the “Item Entry and Tag Printing” link on your city’s page to begin inputting your data. Fill out the tag information including: size, brand, description, price, whether or not it will be reduced on the last day, and if it is to be donated at the end of the sale. Be sure to use traditional sizes on your tags (3m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 18m, 2T, etc). If the size is a range (6-9m), please use the smaller category. If the size is in an unconventional form (S, M, L), please use your wise mother judgement to place it in a more conventional size.

  6. Print Tags:  Make sure you print your tags on CARDSTOCK (white or any light color card stock.)  Please do not use regular copy  paper, as these tags will tear and fall off during the show.  If your tag falls off, the item will NOT sell and might even get lost.

  7. Tag Your Items:  Attach the tag with a safety pin to the upper right hand corner (if you are LOOKING at the garment), or you may pin it to the tag in the collar or waistband.  We can’t stress enough the importance of proper tagging.

  8. Shoes:  If possible, pin the tag to the shoe laces or buckle.  Tie the shoes together, and if that doesn’t work, put them in a large zip lock baggie.  Just make sure the shoes stay together and the tag stays with them.

  9. Select a Drop Off Time:  Do not forget to select a Drop Off Time.  The shifts fill up fast, so do so as soon as possible.

  10. Sort by Gender and Size:  At Drop Off, we would love your help racking your items.  Our volunteers are there to assist you, but we get so slammed that your help is important to making drop off move quickly.  To facilitate the check in process, please have your items sorted by gender and then by size.

  11. Bring: A copy of your INVENTORY SHEET to Drop-off.  To print the Inventory Sheet, go to the “Consignor Item Entry” page and print an inventory sheet by item ID.

  12. Pickup Unsold Items:  Please come to pick up your unsold items on the designated day.  Picking up your unsold items is YOUR responsibility.  At your own risk, you are allowed to have your husband or friend pick up for you, but experience has shown you’ll be taking on the risk of future headache. Friends and husbands are not familiar with your inventory, and they very often leave without collecting all that they should.  If you send a friend, please properly prepare them to collect ALL your things (tell them if you have bedding, shoes, socks, etc.)  

  13. The Divine Children’s Show is not responsible for any mis-tagged items.


We will continue to be tough on our acceptance policy.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND OUR POSITION IF WE REFUSE ONE OF YOUR CLOTHING ITEMS.  We so appreciate you and all your cute clothing, but we are just trying to make the best decisions for a successful show.

*out-of-date clothing

* items missing buttons or with broken zippers

* clothing with stains, tears, fuzz balls, etc.

* clothing that smells like smoke, moth balls, or mold

* overly worn clothing

The Divine Children’s Show reserves the right to refuse any clothing for the sale.

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