Please read AFTER you have read all the information on the Consignors page of this website.  This is additional information for Cobb County Consignors only!

*****DISCOUNT DAY*****:  Instead of being able to mark your items to 50% off on Thursday, the Discount is NOW 30% off.  This remains an OPTION, and is NOT required.

SCHEDULE:  Drop off is MONDAY.  Preview night is TUESDAY.  Public Sale is WEDNESDAY.  Discount Day is THURSDAY.  Pickup is FRIDAY.  Exact dates and times are found on our website.

NOT A CONSIGNING MOM?  Are you a manufacturer, boutique, wholesaler, liquidator, or business?  Instead of registering here, please contact us to discuss the sale of your items.

INVENTORY CUT OFF DATE:  Be sure to plan ahead.  All items must be entered into the system by Sunday, September 9th.  This will allow us to have the full consignor inventory downloaded for drop off day.

DROP OFF TIME:  Be sure to select your drop off time. You must sign up for a drop off time and coveted spots fill up fast.  Drop off day is Monday, September 10th at our sale location.  We are also offering several convenient local drop-off locations.

SEASON APPROPRIATE:  Remember, this sale is for FALL and WINTER Clothing ONLY.  Please save your spring and summer items for our next sale.

ACCEPTED, BUT DON’T COUNT TOWARD MINIMUM:  We accept these items, BUT they do not count towards your 10 item minimum needed for preview night admittance:  Shoes, Bigger Boy Brands (as seen on the brands list), Ladies designer handbags, and artwork.

TOYS:  We are no longer accepting toys at the Cobb sale.

PICK UP UNSOLD ITEMS:  Pick up is on FRIDAY September 14th.  NO EARLY BIRDS PLEASE!  Pickup day is an extremely busy time for us.  We are not available to answer phone calls during pickup or during preparation for pickup.  We will do our best to return any phone calls on the following day.  Please note:  We will not handle any special requests for unsold items.  We will under NO conditions, hold clothing for you.  You, or a designated friend, must come and pick up your unsold items or they will be donated – NO EXCEPTIONS!

IMPORTANT:  MISSING ITEMS:  Ladies, an item going missing is a risk that you run by selling at our sale.  You will be given a copy of our missing items rules and guidelines when you drop off your clothing.  If we do find your missing item after our sale, we will notify you and you can pick it up.

SHOP PREVIEW NIGHT:  If you are selling at least 10 clothing items, please join us on Tuesday, September 11th from 5:00 to 10:00 pm for some fabulous shopping!  In addition to consigning, if you volunteer for one shift, you can shop at 4:00 pm, work two shifts – 3:00 pm, work three shifts – 2:00 pm, breakdown shift – shop FIRST at 1:00pm.


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Please let us know if you have any questions!

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