Let’s Shop! Tips for Shopping at Consignment Sales

Well, we have discussed the details of selling your children’s outgrown clothing, but now we need to get to the important stuff!  SHOPPING!  There are several things that you can do that will make your shopping experience super efficient.

Know your kid’s sizes

Spend some time before the sale trying last falls clothes on your children.  Have they really gone up a size, or are they still about the same?  What size do you think they will be wearing next February/March at the end of the winter season?    It is much easier to shop if you do not have your kids with you.  However, this can make the “size” question tough.  But we have seen several people come up with some clever ideas. 

Some shoppers bring a cheat sheet with their kid’s sizes listed on it.  Not only that, many folks bring the measurements instead of sizes.  This can give you  more accurate information since companies all size so differently.  Handy measurements include:  length from back of neck to hem (dresses), length of stride, pants length, waist, and chest.   And bring a tape measure!  These measurements will not help you without being able to measure the new clothes.

We have another mom that traces her little girl on the floor and shops with her “flat daughter.”  This way she can make sure the lengths of things will work.  This also works well with shoes.

Some people have brought clothes from home to hold up next to the ones we sell.  We DO NOT ALLOW this.  We have way too many shoppers to remember who brought what, so we will not be able to allow this.

Take inventory

Hopefully, when you were getting your things ready to sell, you had a chance to see what your children already have in their closets.  Decide what you need.  Do you need school clothes?  Church clothes?  Holiday clothes? Play clothes?  Do you need more dresses, pants sets, sweaters, coats, or separates?  Are you looking for matching outfits?  Is your little one going to be potty training over the next 6 months?  Sometimes it can be overwhelming, so go with a plan.

Plan your shopping

Decide where to start your shopping.   Remember, our 2-4 sections are always our most popular.   Also, the baby sections (0-12 months) always have tons and tons of clothes.  The boys sections are usually a little less crowded than the girls.  Figure out the best plan of attack for you!

Laundry baskets

Bring a laundry basket for your selections.  It will save your back from carrying everything the entire time!

No hoarding

We know that we all want the best for our children, but hoarding is not the way to do it.  Please do not carry things around with you all night long.  Others may be interested in buying what you decide you do not want.  Also, other shoppers are watching you snag entire sections.  You do not want the reputation as “that shopper.”

Use our OOPS Rack

We totally understand that you may change your mind on some items.  We ask that you either put these items back where they belong or put them on our “Oops Rack.”  This rack is for this very purpose.  Please do not put your rejects on tables, odd racks, chairs, or the floor.   Think about the clothes you are consigning….would you want them piled on a table in the back corner instead of the rack where shoppers can see them?

Do you need hairbows?

We have wonderful hairbow and headband vendors, so don’t miss this opportunity to stock-up.   Before you leave home, go through your closets and see which outfits need matching bows.  Perfect opportunity to accessorize!

Study your calendar

Do you have any birthday, baby shower or holiday presents you need to buy?  Remember, that we have thousands of amazing brand new overstocks that would be lovely gifts for your little friends and family.  Do your holiday shopping here!

Bring your money!

We are excited to announce that we are now taking Visa and Mastercard in addition to cash and checks!  So now shopping is easier.

Shopping at consignment sales is a great way to save money and get an incredible wardrobe from your little ones.  You just need to remember to be prepared, be patient, be considerate, and have fun!

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