Tagging your clothes for DCS sales

Well, as the dates for our huge consignment/overstock shows are quickly approaching, we have been receiving a ton of questions about how to get your clothes ready to sell.   So here are the basics to help you get more for your clothes!

     *  Make sure that your items are clean.  They should not have stains, spots, fuzz balls, pulls, missing buttons, broken zippers, or  odors.  Would you buy something in ratty condition?

     *  Presentation makes a huge difference!  Be sure to iron your items.  Shoppers do not want to have to have  “vision” about what the dress would look like if it wasn’t a wrinkled mess. 

     *  Zip all zippers.  Button all buttons.  Tie all bows.  Show them how cute it is.

     *  Hang the garment on the hanger so that the mouth of the hook is opened to the left.  

     *  When attaching skirts or pants be sure to use safety pins so that they do not bunch up or fall off.  It is very difficult for us to return missing items to their sets if they fall to the floor.  If that happens they will not sell at all.

     *  Attach your tag with a safety pin, tagger, or zip tie.  If you are looking at the garment the tag needs to be on the left-hand shoulder.  This makes is super easy for the shoppers to find.

     *  Price your item to sell!  Most items that are in great condition will sell for approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the retail price.  Be sure to take into consideration the condition of the clothing.   What would YOU  pay for the item as it is now?

     *  If you mark an item or items to be reduced to 1/2 price on the last day, highlight DISCOUNT on the tag.  This makes it easier for the shoppers to spot your super deal.

     *  Be sure to list the brand name on the description line.  Many people are looking specifically for brands like Beaux et Belles, Lilly, Three Mommas, Bailey Boys, Anavini, and many others!

     *  If you have matching tights, hairbows, leggings, or socks feel free to attach them securely and sell as a set.  People love to get an entire outfit.

     *  If you feel that the sizing is really off on an item (a size 2 that fits like a 4), put that on the tag and put it where you think it belongs.

     *  You know when things look good and are priced right.  Trust yourself!

Bottom line…..we all want your clothes to sell!  We do not want to have to sort them at the end of the sale, and you don’t want to have to pick them up.  So really take the time to make them amazing!  You bought them because you loved them, and someone else will do the same.

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